I don’t run. I don’t jump.


I’ve joined a fitness bootcamp. Well I never thought those words would come out of my mouth or typed by my fingers, ever. I heard of this fitness phenomenon called “bootcamp” in 2012. My roomate at a conference told me she gets up at 5am to go to it. I dismissed her as crazy. LOL.…

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On The Fly Food Prep


It feels IMPOSSIBLE to me to sit down and plan out a week’s worth of food, every meal for an entire week… What if I don’t FEEL like the foods I picked? What do I pick for 21 meals and 14 snacks, 35 times eating total? How do I balance it all and make sure…

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Grocery Shopping Online Rocks…


I spend FAR too much time in grocery stores. I could be picking up something I forgot, or something I ran out of, or just decided to make something I didn’t have the stuff for. Whatever the reason I usually spend 2-3 days a week heading to the grocery store, with a toddler in tow.…

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Where I’ve been, how I’m doing…


It’s been one month since I’ve posted plus a day. I’d really like to post DAILY, really I would. But… then I struggle. I get on track for like, a day, and I struggle some more. then i don’t want to post… not because i’m hiding… but, because, misery loves company and i don’t want…

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The Key to Working out Regular = New Socks?


I am pretty embarrassed to admit the amount of times I haven’t worked out because my workout gear was in a pile of laundry. Good thing I don’t know the actual number so I CAN’T actually tell you. It might seem like dirty laundry has nothing to do with working out but it does… Oh…

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Looking Good to Feel Good


I wrote this a little while ago and forgot to publish it. The message is still valid so I’m posting it now 🙂 Looking good almost always makes you feel better. I don’t mean in a superficial way, either. When I say “looking good” I don’t mean looking like a model, I mean looking YOUR best.…

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Fun Backyard Picnic: Celebrating International Picnic Day


Today is International Picnic Day and I thought it would be fun for my girly and I to have a little picnic in the backyard. Her dad works days so he was sleeping and her brother is at his dads. So it was just her and I. So the situation is I haven’t had time…

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Preparing to Get Back on Track


I’m normally someone who just does stuff. I kind of despise “planning and prepping” to do something. I’d much rather start now, get it done and not waste any time getting “ready” to do it. But… I’m a mom. I’m a business owner. I’m a homemaker. I’m a fanatical fitness wanna-be 😉 . The days…

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Life Changing Kitchen Tool


  My friend Crissy Herron is a business blogger, like me. She posted a really cool tool on her site Indie Biz Chicks that she’s so impressed with she calls it life changing ;)! Well, if you love Pineapples it just may be. I asked her if I could totally steal her post, she said…

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“I Can Die Now” Veggie Lasagna Recipe


This Vegetarian Lasagna has become one of my go-to meals because it’s (fairly) healthy and pretty easy to make. I know the pic below looks like it requires a lot of prep but really you just quick chop a few veggies, grate the mozzarella and then throw it all in a dish and you’re done.…

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Why I Quit Drinking Shakeology… Then I Didn’t


I’ve been drinking Shakeology since September of last year. I’m also a Beachbody Coach which means I’m committed to getting healthy and fit while helping others do the same. I’m quite budget-conscious and buying Shakeology at first for $140 per month was a BIG DEAL. I figured I’d give it a shot! Shakeology tastes like…

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Easy, Crispy Honey Mustard Kale Chips Recipe


Most people turn up their noses at the idea of trying Kale for the first time. I did and I’m not really sure why. According to my two-year-old toddler it looks like broccoli so that doesn’t seem that bad (unless you hate broccoli). Here she is sampling the good pre-kale-chips: When I looked around for…

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Spring Wardrobe Overhaul


The other day I wrote a blog post over at my marketing blog about how I fit my entire home office into a cute purse. I posted this photo of me with the purse in the article: Then I got an email from a nice lady who’d read my blog. She said: “I love your…

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How To Healthy Meal Prep for the Week (Beginners)


I did my first meal prepping last night and it went REALLY well. I’ve seen people posting their meal prep pics on Instagram and felt kinda overwhelmed at the thought of figuring out what to prep and gathering all the ingredients together. However, once I worked backwards to figure out exactly what I wanted to…

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When You Struggle


I’ve been quiet lately.. Super quiet. My dad had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and has been on the hospital ever since, my daughter had a bad cold with two nights of fever, I turned 40, I’ve been making trips to Toronto by train for events and meetings. It’s been busy. I haven’t…

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